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Wecapsulate Pharma was founded in 2021 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Wecapsulate Pharma LLP is an initiative by two young professionals who are determined to encapsulate the essence of life within medicine.


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As India’s most innovative and research-driven healthcare and pharmaceutical firm, our mission is to provide medications of the highest quality and most reasonable cost, earning the confidence of medical practitioners and patients alike throughout the country.

We grow with each life, life grows through us

ER. Shreesh gupta

Business Development Manager

Our Values
Being a leading, research-based healthcare and pharmaceutical company in India, our commitment is to provide high-quality, affordable medicines that are trusted by healthcare professionals and patients all over India.

Wecapsulate Pharma is built on a foundation of scientific research. Our researchers collaborate closely with medical professionals, patients, and business development teams in order to generate novel thoughts and ideas that capitalize on market needs and synergies that exist across therapeutic fields.


Our Vision is to develop a sustainable quality culture by harmonizing, globalizing, and streamlining GxP procedures.


A key mission of Wecapsulate Pharma is to deliver high quality pharmaceutical products at a cost-effective price that improves the lives of patients.


We welcome new ideas, encourage professional and personal development, and provide system to ensure each employee’s overall well-being. Every employee’s distinct experience and expertise contributes to our collective success.

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